Administrative Assistant
Jen LeBron


Red or Green?

What? I'm from Wisconsin, it's Green and Gold!
Grande Non-Fat Latte with two raw sugars
I'm a painter, mostly watercolors and mixed media. I like to bike in the Bosque and walk the trails.
Favorite Movie
The Nativity Story or Iron Man 3, it's a tie.
2010 was a big year for me, in February I accepted Christ into my heart and in March I moved to New Mexico. I absolutely love it here. The skies of New Mexico are like none I've ever experienced, the light is bright and the sun is warm. In July I became a wife to Moises and step Mom to Ariel and Elia. Moises and I became members of TCC in 2012 and I was hired on staff in September of 2014. We are blessed to serve and belong to the family of TCC.